Matt Stansbury a.k.a. gilligan.
Email: [email protected]
AIM: xzxMaddhatteRxzx
Booking Info: Email | Phone: 337.278.3162

Personal Info:

I am 19 years old and I am majoring in Mass Communications
at ULL. My love for turntablism since I was younger is what
really swayed me towards DJing. I wasn't really 'in the know' about
this whole 'rave scene' until a few years ago. My first party
was a Trancemission party called 'United We Jam' at The Level in
2002. When i walked through these doors a new world was
opened up to me. Just to see the massive amounts of people having
the time of their lives, and feeling the energy that these people
gave off got me hooked. That's what made me want to do this. I
wanted to be the one to bring these people great joy and excitement
even if it was for a few hours a night.

I have been playing records for almost 1.5 years now, and i started
really playing out at the beginning of 2004 when i received my residency
at The Level.

As the first/only Breaks DJ, not to mention the youngest, to be added to
the Trancemission Roster I am very proud and honered to be a part of
this team!

matt. (gilligan.)

Upcoming Events:

08-21-04 - Lafayette, LA - Rukus! w/ Kid Icarus
Every Friday and Saturday night - Residency @ The Level

Past Events

02.24.04 - Lafayette, LA - Mardi Gras Beats II
02.27.04 - Lafayette, LA - Comin Alive
03.20.04 - Lafayette, LA - Activate
05.08.04 - Baton Rouge, LA - Nu Skool vs. Ole Skool
06.06.04 - Baton Rouge, LA - Louisiana's Supa Dupa All Stars