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In each and every one
of us there is a beat and an ability to
move the masses. We are the people movers and the earth
shakers, we conduct our symphony as the nameless wonders come together
and join forces to make one move through music. The conductor stands behind
the decks and plays his symphony matching every precise movement with perfection,
holding back all, until the right moment to let go. Mozart, Beethoven, Mandell all
amazed by this journey that they started so long ago. And so we unite, with a
message to spread, that we will not go quietly into the night. We will be
heard by everyone until there is no one left to listen and even then we
will play on. As we express our views and our dreams, we
dance, a movement unmatched by no one.
And the beat goes on....

- Andrew Espinosa
Liquid 22

Founder of the infamous "Noj's Throwdowns" and now Event Coordinator for Trancemission Radio, noj is no stranger to the party scene or to music in general. With a background in Jazz playing the Saxophone, noj began mixing trance in early 2000. Since that time, with the help of his teacher GLiTCH, noj has turned into one of South Louisiana's most talented trance DJ's.

I was asked to provide a little personal information about myself on here, so that those who message me will know a little about me. I am 24 years old, and am in college for Elementary Education. I went to my first party in September of 1999. But it wasn't until I saw Sasha spin at a club in Houston, Texas that I truly understood what it was all about. The night after I went there I came home and wrote a review of my experience, and sent it to the Louisiana Raves Mailing List. The following is what I wrote:

There comes a time in every "ravers" life when he/she becomes one with the music. I am new on this scene, but am enjoying the music, and the comraderie found at the parties (yes yes, I know I've only been to 2 :p). But until last night (Thursday) in Houston-Texas, at the Grand Opening of Hyperia, I did not totally understand what it was to have the music fill you and to make you complete. Sasha did this for me. He threw down a 3 and a half hour set. The entire set filled me and showed me things I have never seen, nor felt before. The dips and the rises had me moving like I have never moved before. I became one with the vinyl, no one else existed but me and the music. I now understand things, and see things in a different light. Sasha showed me these things, like no other DJ has. Even when I was not dancing, I was still emotionaly and physicaly exerting myself, just by tightening my muscles in eager anticipation of the next upcoming rise. When it did come my hands were in the air pointing right at him, pulsating wildy with the beat. Towards the end of the set he turned it more dark trance, more melodic, and my arms flowed like liquid, I could do nothing wrong, everything I did made total sense to me in a way that it had not. To those who missed the show (which is everyone but gobi I believe) I am sorry, you missed a wonderful and moving set.

Since that night, I have wanted to do what he does, to take the emotionless pieces of vinyl, and make them come alive, and touch my listeners in thier hearts. I want them to feel the music, and let it take control of thier soul and leave them feeling better about themself, and more aware of the music that surrounds them. That is why I am a DJ, that is why I play what I play.

Works: "dj noj - For the Love of the Music"
"dj noj - Still Keeping it Real"
"dj noj - mi amore" - Download it Here.
"dj noj - From the Heart (2/8/03)" - Download it here. Tracklisting.
"dj noj - Instinct (1/24/04)" - Download it here. Tracklisting.
For a copy of any of these, please email dj noj with your address.
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